Wednesday, 30 December 2015


The latest area to be worked on in the Fire Scrumble has added fabric and beads.
I don't know if scrumbling is meant to have fabric and beads added but MY scrumbling has, I think it's do as you please as long as the final effect is good.

Using chenille yarn, dmc cebelia cotton and gold yarn I made a couple of rows of crocodile stitch pattern, one in mustard chenille and then a row of god on top. You  can find lots of tutorials on this stitch but here's one to start you off.

I then used the celelia cotton to make a small net effect piece.

This piece was place over some gold fabric that I had padded out within the arch of the yellow scroll
see below

then all I had to do was fit in the crocodile piece and sew into position.

Add a few gold beads on the ends of the gold crocodile points and this little bit is nearly finished.
I may add beads to the points of the mustard points later.

Monday, 21 December 2015


11.10 p.m. and I am sitting in the corner at my messy desk working on my fire scrumble doing scrabble in between.
That's what I love.

Saturday, 19 December 2015


As you can see I have moved the yellow scroll down one and replaced it with the new scroll.
This is the beauty of not stitching on until you are really happy, its good to move your pieces about.

This bit is made in cotton but you can make it in any type of yarn, although I wouldn't use a knubbly yarn. 
Find the instructional video here.
The lady is speaking in Russian but the video is easily followed without the speaking.

Here you can see it in place at the bottom of the circle.
The good thing about this braid is that it will curve around things.
This fits nicely here and so I have stitched it in place.
The holes are calling out for a bead and later I will find some suitable beads to fill the spaces.

Thursday, 17 December 2015


Another scroll finished and pinned in place.
I only pin to start with as I often move things about after a bit of thought. lol
This one is made from two different textures, Yellow dk acrylic yarn that has a bit of fluff to it and an orange silky acrylic.
the instructions for making this scroll can be found here

I can picture this made in a finer cotton in pastel colours, I'm sure it would look beautiful in the right scrumble.

One more scroll or similar to go and then I can do some more filling in.

Sunday, 13 December 2015


Fire Scrumble coming along nicely,  as you can see if you take a look at a previous post, I have removed some of the peices from the right side and have decided to put all of the scrolls going around the same way, ball of fire?

I've penciled in approx where the new scrolls will go.

Tuesday, 8 December 2015


Scrumbling need not be just about crochet, knitting , tatting, beads etc can all be used, at least in my Scrumble they are.

Here you can see a sort of scroll I made up from a slub yarn that gives it a nice thick look, I then dc in yellow dk around the edge.  

 I laid this onto a mesh again made with dk yarn but because the calico was showing through I underlined it with a bit of gold fabric.
I don't stitch the edges down of the pieces, just a few stitches to anchor them as I might want to tuck anothe motif under neath.
Just leave the piece pinned for now until you decide on the next move.

Monday, 7 December 2015


This is my latest Scrumble and is called FIRE, thus I'm trying to give the effect of fire with the colours and shapes etc.

 so far we have some scrolls that I think represent the flames quite well and some other pieces that look pointy.

 Here I've added some thin gold tape also to give the effect of flames.

Here's an example of how I go about things, knitting (or crochet) small pieces that I may or may not use.

Sunday, 6 December 2015


This is a wall hanging in the shape of a heart made with wintry colours of white, blues, silvers etc.

I first made a template from cardboard and then drew this onto calico as my backing.
Here you can see some of th early pieces places on the cardboard heart.

You can see the pen mark on the calico, giving me my line to keep within for the pieces.
It helps if you have a frame to put the calico on to keept it taut and then you can pin the pieces on as you go and move them to get the best effect.

Here are a few close ups of the various stitches and shapes .
I have added pearls and crystals where needed.

Saturday, 5 December 2015


I've set this blog up purely to talk about Scrumbling.
I intend to show what I have made and how I put things together etc.

I mainly make pictures from my scrumble bits and pieces but of course you can make all sorts of things.

What I like about scrumbling is that you  can make small pieces of work, either knitting or crochet and try out different stitches, put the bits into a box and there they are for use later.
There's no pressure to finish and lots of fun to be had.

Above is an example of some of the bits I have made and collected together in a box.
Nothing will be wasted as at some time I will delve in the box and find a piece that will fit in nicely.
I suggest that if you want to have a go that you start slowly with some small plain pieces.
Later you can go to youtube and watch some of the videos telling you how to make more intricate pieces.
 This is an excellent site to inspire you here you will get lots of ideas.