Saturday, 5 December 2015


I've set this blog up purely to talk about Scrumbling.
I intend to show what I have made and how I put things together etc.

I mainly make pictures from my scrumble bits and pieces but of course you can make all sorts of things.

What I like about scrumbling is that you  can make small pieces of work, either knitting or crochet and try out different stitches, put the bits into a box and there they are for use later.
There's no pressure to finish and lots of fun to be had.

Above is an example of some of the bits I have made and collected together in a box.
Nothing will be wasted as at some time I will delve in the box and find a piece that will fit in nicely.
I suggest that if you want to have a go that you start slowly with some small plain pieces.
Later you can go to youtube and watch some of the videos telling you how to make more intricate pieces.
 This is an excellent site to inspire you here you will get lots of ideas.

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  1. found you but no way to follow you yet hopefully you will put a button on and I will then know when you post to this blog, excited about learning how to scrumble