Wednesday, 30 December 2015


The latest area to be worked on in the Fire Scrumble has added fabric and beads.
I don't know if scrumbling is meant to have fabric and beads added but MY scrumbling has, I think it's do as you please as long as the final effect is good.

Using chenille yarn, dmc cebelia cotton and gold yarn I made a couple of rows of crocodile stitch pattern, one in mustard chenille and then a row of god on top. You  can find lots of tutorials on this stitch but here's one to start you off.

I then used the celelia cotton to make a small net effect piece.

This piece was place over some gold fabric that I had padded out within the arch of the yellow scroll
see below

then all I had to do was fit in the crocodile piece and sew into position.

Add a few gold beads on the ends of the gold crocodile points and this little bit is nearly finished.
I may add beads to the points of the mustard points later.


  1. now following scrumbles blog thanks for sharing how you did it

  2. Oh My Word. I LOVE it. As soon as I have finished my garland I will be scumbling away. I really need a scumble wall hanging, really really.

  3. This is free form work so pf vpurse ypu Must add beads!!!!!!! Love how you are sharing do much and yhanks fot yhe tutorial link!!!!