Wednesday, 20 January 2016


The Fire Scrumble picture is nearly finished with just the finishing touches to go.
I've decided to frame it in an embroidery hoop, and it looks really nice.
I'll show more on this later.

I must admit that I love a bit of gold or silver and of course pearls, they liven things up and just add that bit of sparkle.
Here I've got some metallic 4 ply yarn that is fairly easy to crochet with.
I've made a few balls and a short  braid.  The flower was in my box of bits ( pieces that I've made and not used for other projects ) 
Never throw away any pieces, they all come in handy.
Balls are always good for covering tiny holes that will inevitably show sometimes when a piece does not quite fit and braid is always useful.
Find out how to make the braid here
She has all sorts of tutorials for making lovely pieces.

Here I've made a sliver to fit in the edge, once sewn in place this will be fine with maybe a couple of the balls strategically placed. 

A couple of bows made from some gold ribbon, frayed on the edges help cover a larger area that just looked to bare.

And a few gold beads for interest.