Friday, 12 February 2016

Bunches of Grapes

Here's is what the gold crochet balls are going to be, bunches of grapes, thus the title 'Pink champagne'  
Grapes make champagne, voila !

Tuesday, 9 February 2016


Little by little the 'Pink Champagne' Scrumble picture is taking shape.
After starting this as a free form working without a canvas I have transferred it to a hoop, this I find much easier.

You can see the pencil outline of the size it will be when finished, I am overlapping the edges just a bit as I think I may put this in a frame with a mount and the edges will hide the cut edge of the mount.

Little bit of knitting and a little bit of crochet added bit at a time, this is beginning to take shape.
The more textured yarn you can find the better as this alone will make it look good.

Here is the box of gold balls that I am making when I have a spare minute, I need about 50 of these.
They will be going onto the scrumble when the background is completed.
Any guesses as to what I am going to use them for ?