Saturday, 9 April 2016


I've attached the grapes and stalk onto the Pink Champagne wall hanging this morning.

And have decided to add a tiny bit of green, just to lift the whole picture.
this is worked in Yarn Art Green lutex thread using a tiny size 0.90mm hook.
Need my glasses and magnifier to make these, poor old eyes aren't all they were . lol

the gold cord that I was making has been curled around the outside edge and I have added a curl of gold.


 Not sure if I will add more of these curls yet, will have to wait and see.

In the meantime enjoy a picture of wilow perched on the sofa, she's my little doggy and follows me everywhere.


  1. I will have to send you a pic of my cat Walker. He and Willow are twins. I am having so much fun looking at your art work. (I can't crochet but I am a big fan of thread and yarn and things made from them.) I could spend hours just looking at the yarn at Joanns and Michaels.

  2. coming along beautifully, what a poser Willow is such a pretty cat

  3. What you do is so clever - I had never even heard of scrumble art before. Love your seaside one best of all!